2016 - Catholic Women's League Highlights -
Donna Payne, President
            Cathy Townsend, Treasurer
                     Marjorie Henderson, Recording Secretary  

Prayer Hour for Marcus Hacault
A regular Prayer Hour has been organized for Marcus Hacault, his family and those that care for him on Thursday mornings from 9:30-10:30 in the adoration chapel. Marcus (age 4) is the youngest son in the family of 10 children, recently diagnosed with a serious illness. 

Meals for the Hacault Family:
Teresa Bouvier is organizing a schedule of meals for the family: please contact her at 613-546-2089 for more information.
Please note: The Hacault family is very appreciative of all the meals, prayers and offers of help. Their home is currently a place of healing, and they must keep it as free of germs as possible while they do their best to maintain some peace and normalcy in their household, so are asking that when we drop off meals we place them in the basket by their front door and text them at 613-985-4473 or phone them and leave  a message at 613-766-4473.

Flowers for the Church:
June:      Cecile Could                  September:   Karla Nichols
July:       Jackie McCabe              October:        Linda Goldstein
August:  Roseanne Hogan           November:   Madeline Halliday

Upcoming Events:

Next CWL Meeting: September, 2017
We will start in the Chapel at 6:30 pm with the Rosary in the Chapel, and have our meeting at 7 in St, Joseph's Room. All are welcome!.

Recent Events:
Plant & Bake Sale - May 27 and 28th, after the Masses: The bake/plant sale was a great success thanks to all of our ladies who donated baked goods and plants and  the parishioners who supported by purchasing items and giving very generous $ donations.We raised $800!!! 

Church Property Gardens: 
We helped with the Holy Name Property gardens on Saturday, May 20, 10:00 am. Many hands made light work, and the gardens look great! (Special thanks to Claire Fjerle, our director general!)

Roses for sale on Mother's Day weekend Masses: We raised $224 from our Mother's Day Roses Sale! A big thank you to alll who helped with this fundraiser.

 CWL Convention - Dona Payne attended the workshops Saturday, and Cecile Gould represented us at the dinner, accompanying Fr. Wes. They enjoyed the company of some CWL Ladies from St.Barnaby's. (See Cecile Gould's note).
CWL Meeting: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - Potluck in St Joseph's Room, with guests from St Barnaby's CWL, and a speaker form the Kingston Grandmother Connection group.
Father Wes joined us, and we shared a lovely meal in St Joseph's Room. We then heard an inspiring presentation from Joanne of the Kingston Grandmothers Connection Group, a retired Holy Name teacher who had the very pleasant opportunity to re-connect with some of her colleagues at the dinner. we had the opprtunity to donate to this cause, and purchase vouchers to help the heavily burdened but inspiring grandmothers supporting their little ones in the wake of HIV/AIDS and devastating political and economic disruption. 

We had  a short meeting where we made plans for our Mother's Day weekend Roses Sale and for the Plant and Bake Sale on the weekend of May 27-28.
CWL Meeting: Wednesday April 5,2017. We gathered at 6:30 in the Chapel to say the Stations of the Cross from Mary's Perspective, a moving experience for each of us.
We then had our meeting in St Joseph's Room where we worked together under Ellie Boudreau's direction to make 2 fleece knot-tied quilts to be donated through the CWL Convention to the police, hospice, and other places where they can be used for the comfort of people in stressful situations. Cecile Gould also donated a quilt from her home. 
We made plans for the May Meeting Potluck, deciding to invite the CWL from St Barnaby's, as we have done in past years,  and asking Jose Roosenmallen to invite a speaker from the Grandmother's Connection group she is involved with. 

CWL Meeting: Wednesday March 8, 2017,
We started our meeting with the Stations of the Cross Rosary in the Chapel. 
Our finances were reviewed, and we were pleased to see that with the profits from the rose sale and some generous donations, we had enough to support our Ukrainian child (Svitlana) for the year. 
Hospitality is an important aspect of our parish as a whole, so we will be asking if others in the parish would like to help with food donations for special events such as bake sales, funeral luncheons and parish special events.
We refreshed our list of flower donations for the church, and will post it at the back of the church and on this website.
The raffle tickets necessary to support the CWL Convention in May were all purchased, and we made plans to contribute lap blankets as requested.
The Valentine's Day rose sale was a success, so we made plans to have another rose sale on Mother's Day weekend.

Spring Church Cleaning:  Sunday March 5th  
A great group showed up to Spring-clean the Church last Sunday.  We had plenty of buckets and rags and Murphy's Soap to spare, and were thus done early. Thank you very much to all!

Valentine"s Day Rose Sale:
We did extremely well selling roses after the Masses last weekend, for Valentine's Day, with a profit of $185.00.   This amount includes a few special donations from individuals, but overall was a great success thanks to everyone who helped out.  It will put us well on our way in supporting our sponsored child in the Ukraine! Thanks again. 

CWL Meeting Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017
We started our meeting with the Rosary in the Chapel. We signed some cards to be sent to some of our shut-ins, made plans to Spring Clean the Church ( Sunday, March 5, 1-4 pm) and decided to sell Roses after the Masses this weekend to raise some funds for the child we sponsor in the Ukraine. (She had sent us a lovely card that we circulated),

Bill Walker's Funeral:
Our CWL was asked to provide the lunch following the Funeral Mass for Bill Walker on Wednesday, February 1st at Rideau Acres. Our members were very generous with their contributions of sandwiches, vegetable, fruit and cheese platters, and baked goods, all of which was much appreciated by the family. A special thank you is extended to those who assisted with the set-up and clean up: Cathy Crozier, Linda Goldstein, Roseanne Hogan, Ann Murray and Karla Nichols, and especially to the coordinator, Madeline Halliday. Bill Walker was a pillar of our parish community, as was his late wife and active CWL member, Ruth, and our CWL members were pleased to be asked to help.It was a Blessing to be there.

Decorating the Church for Christmas: We will meet at 1:15 pm Sunday Dec 18th. Donna Payne will purchase the flowers and Poinsettias beforehand, and we will ask for help from parishioners after the 9:00 mass to lift down the Christmas boxes and tree from above the wardrobe.
Tasks: Decorating the Altar and the window ledges, arranging the Nativity Scene in front of the Altar, and setting up and decorating the Christmas Tree and the vestibule.
Please join us: many hands will make less work, and it is always a fun activity! 

December 7 (Wednesday, 6:30 pm) - We started our meeting with the Rosary in the Chapel and some Spiritual readings, reminding us in this busy season to pause, reflect  and reach for help from the Holy Spirit.
We gathered for our annual Wine & Cheese meeting.
Josée Roosenmallen and Ann Murray were awarded 40-year Pins.


We learned that a photo of the display we made for St Klara was included along with those made by our sister-CWLs in  a book sent to Pope Francis!  
We signed and addressed Christmas cards to be sent to our shut-ins and members we have not seen at our meetings in a long while.
We made plans for decorating the Church for Christmas: we will meet at 1:15 pm Sunday Dec 18th. 
We decided to organize a deep-clean of the church in February.

November 2 (Wednesday, 6:30 pm) - We started our meeting by gathering in the Chapel for the Rosary.
We distributed postcards to be signed and sent to members of Parliament and the Senate to demand that the government protect conscience rights for medical professionals, so they are not forced to refer for assisted death.
We will also collect Christmas Cards to be distributed to people of our parish who might appreciate them, to be signed, addressed and delivered in our December meeting.

CWL Meeting: October 4 (Tuesday, 7 pm): "Faustina – Messenger of Divine Mercy" 
Our Catholic Women's League organized a special meeting this month: we attended a special play being presented at St Mary's Cathedral. 
The production was beautifully staged and the interaction of the multi-talented live actress with the projected performances of Jesus, the Devil, Sr Faustina's spiritual advisor, the Mother Superior and Sisters at her convent worked beautifully. 
The portrayals of more contemporary people in their heart-breaking struggles, transformed by the power of the Divine Mercy, were an inspiration. It was a truly moving experience. 
FAUSTINA - Poster - 10-4-16 - Kingston, ON

CWL Meeting: Wednesday September 7, 2016 - 6:30 pm
We started our meeting in the chapel, praying the rosary together.
We then meet to review our accomplishments so far, then made plans for the upcoming months.
Out theme for the next while will be "God's Bucket List for Holy Name's Catholic Women's League".

Parish Barbecue: Thank you to the Volunteers!
Saturday, June 25th, after 5:00 Mass

Congratulations to Fr. Wes: 35 Year Anniversary of his Ordination.

It was a well attended and wonderful surprise party for Fr Wes's 35th Anniversary.
Thank you to al who contributed to this special evening.

We are blessed to have such a kind and multi-talented pastor!
Pilgrimage through the Holy Door of Mercy at St Mary's Cathedral - Friday, May 27th,
3:30 - 5:30 pm, followed by Mass at 5:30 pm.

Our Catholic Women's League organized a pilgimage through the Holy Door of St Mary's Cathedral to which we have invited parishioners of Holy Name of Jesus.
Prior to participating in this event it is recommended that you perform acts of Mercy and receive the sacrament of absolution (Confession/Reconciliation).
We met at St Mary's Parish Centre at 3:30 pm for a half hour inservice prior to going over to the church and enetering through the Door of Mercy. We pilgrims had an hour to pray and appreciate the beauty of St Mary's Cathedral with its lovely stained glass windows. A Mass was celebrated at 5:30 by Fr. James Quirk. (Parishionerss who were unable to join us at 3:30 joined us at this time)
Some of us went to dinner afterwards.   

Plant and Bake Sale - May 28 & 29 - Bakers and Gardeners responded to our call We held our Annual Plant & Bake sale the 4th week-end in May. This is a major fundraiser for us, and a welcome event for our parishioners. Bakers donated some of their home-made goodies for the Bake Sale. Gardeners, started a few plants for the Plant Sale, and as they were cleaning up their gardens this Spring, potted up plants that they were dividing or deleting from their gardens and donated them to our Plant Sale. Local plants are highly valued,as they have proven themselves able to thrive in our area!  

CWL Potluck: Wednesday, May 4, 2016, 6:00 pm: Holy Name School.
We had a nice turnout at our Potluck Dinner, and enjoyed our meal together and the opportunity to get to know each other a little better. 
Claire Bouvier, who has grown up in our parish, spoke engagingly on the Theme of Creativity,.

Mass:  Celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel -
Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 9:00 am at Holy Name of Jesus Church

Meeting - April 6, 2016, 7pm
Regular Meeting of the Catholic Women's League of Holy Name of Jesus Parish

We prepared our poster for the Catholic Women's League Convention in May (concentrating on our personal and combined efforts to emulate St Klara, noted for her work with young women and the sick), organized our presence and contributions to this years' First Communion and Confirmation candidates, discussed our pilgrimage to our own St Mary's Cathedral to enter the Holy Door, and finalized plans for the Small Appliance collection this spring and our Plant and Bake Sale in May.  

Meeting - May2, 2016, 7pm

Lenten Reflection - (Ann Murray) - "The Word Among Us", May 2, 2016

A reflection on the gift of God's Laws and the strength and mercy we can receive from the Holy Spirit to help us fulfill them, one day at a time.

Stations of the Cross - Chapel - (Madeline Halliday)
"Mary Takes Us Through the Stations of the Cross"

We retreated to the Chapel to do the Stations of the Cross together, reading these moving passages from the perspective of Mary as a mother witnessing the passion and death of her beloved son, Jesus.  If you would like to read them yourself, the link is provided below.

Easter Cards for our CWL Shut-Ins: We pooled the Easter Cards we had brought and divided them up to those of us who would deliver or post them.

World Day of Prayer: March 4th - 2:00 pm - St Mark's Church in Barriefield (Karla Nichols)
The prayers will be dedicated to the Children of Cuba.

Holy Year of Mercy: Holy Door at St Mary's Cathedral (Madeline Halliday & Ann Murray)
Our CWL is planning a pilgrimage to our own St Mary's Cathedral to enter the Holy Door as a group, hopefully in May. We will invite any interested members of our parish to join us. Fr Shawn Hughes will lead us in a group preparation / mini-tutorial, and we will take the Sacrament of Reconciliation and share a period of prayer.  

Small Appliance Donations: We will be collecting gently-used small appliances for the shelters this spring.

May 4th - Mother/Daughter/Friend Potluck 

Catholic Women's League Convention - May 6,7 & 8, 2106 - Each Parish CWL was asked to choose a Saint to emulate this year. We chose St Klara, a Polish Saint beatified in September, 2015, who worked with young women and the sick, and fouded an order of nuns . We created a poster for the convention to display how we emulated her individually and as a group.
Klara Ludwika Szczęsna died in 1916. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Klara Ludwika Szczęsna died in 1916.
Ludwika Szczęsna (she took the name Klara, in honour of St Claire of Assisi, when she became a nun) was born in the Mazovia province in 1863, as the sixth of seven children in the family. She was 12 when her mother died. At 17, she left her home to follow her religious calling, and worked as a seamstress in Mława for several years. She joined the Servants of Jesus in 1885 and was soon given the task of running a shelter for women in Kraków. There, she met Józef Sebastian Pelczar (who was canonised in 2003), with whom she established, in 1894, a new religious congregation – the Sister Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. With the motto “All for the Heart of Jesus”, it focused its activities on helping young women and the sick. At present, the congregation has around 500 nuns, 350 of whom work in Poland. Sister Klara died in 1916, aged 53. Pope Benedict XVI approved that she lived a life of heroic virtue. On 5 June 2015, Pope Francis recognised a miracle that was found to have been attributed to her intercession 

For more information about St Klara, please visit the Sacred Heart Sisters Website:

Spring 2015

Thank you to everyone who baked and raided their gardens as well as ladies who gave their time to help on the day of the big sale.  Also thanks to everyone who supported the CWL by purchasing the goodies and plants.  The Plant Table raised 363.90 and the Bake Table raised 749.65

There are no meetings planned for the summer. If you are new to the area and want more information about the CWL please contact the Parish Office Mon-Thurs. 613.546.0418

Seminarian Mass and Dinner will be held August 9th in Belleville.  Mass 4PM at Quenn of the Most Holy Rosary Church and dinner at 6PM.  Tickets are $25 per person.  The Knights have ten tickets, first come first serve. Contact Adrian 613.531.4460


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