Catholic Women's League Highlights - 
Donna Payne, President
            Cathy Townsend, Treasurer
                     Claudette Richardson, Recording Secretary  

Prayer Hour for Marcus Hacault
A regular Prayer Hour has been organized for Marcus Hacault, his family and those that care for him on Thursday mornings from 9:30-10:30 in the adoration chapel. Marcus is the youngest son in the family of 10 children, diagnosed with a serious illness. 

Upcoming Events

The Doiocesan CWL has organized a Retreat -  You are all welcome to attend!

102nd Diocesan CWL Convention
April 27/28, 2024 
Quality Inn and Conference Centre, Kingston
If interested, please contact me for the Registration Package:

Ladies Brunch - Sunday, Dec 3, 2023 - after 9:30 Mass

It was such a pleasure to share a lovely brunch with some of the ladies of our parish! Thank you for those who prepared the brunch, decoarated the room, and attended. It was fun  to catch up!

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